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We bring the best minds together.
We secure assets.

Our Mission: “The right people with right skills at the right place ensure assets!”
Our Belief: “A good supervisory board leads to a good investment!”

Our Experience: We are Germany’s first and oldest Supervisory Board Agency. We are familiar with the point of view of international investors and entrepreneurs. We are internationally networked and insiders of the German market. We have the talent when it comes to identification and placement of outstanding personalities.

Our clients: Entrepreneurs and international investors confide in us. Our clients know that, alongside Due Diligence and structure, every investment is dependant on the acting parties. In addition to management, this includes anchoring the investment in politics, business, and society.

We secure assets. We place personalities for supervisory boards in order to anchor your investment in politics, business, and society.
We bring the best minds together. We recruit board members for the company’s performance. We have an optimal network. Furthermore, we are masters of the systems of identifying, placing and developing outstanding executives.