Bluesky, the new Twitter?

In recent weeks, a “new” social network has been cited more and more frequently: Bluesky. What exactly is Bluesky (here on LinkedIn) and what is it all about?

At the moment it is “Invite Only”, so an existing user on Bluesky can invite someone about every 10 days: With this code they can then register (by the way, journalists, just like companies, can get an accelerated account via the white list). Bluesky is a project by Jack Dorsay (initial), the former CEO of the then so-called network “Twitter”, which now goes by the name X.

Since the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, some changes have taken place there: verified accounts have been abolished, and instead subscription customers get a hook. In addition, moderation has been restricted and bots are flooding the platform. This has led to advertisers increasingly withdrawing from the platform. This intensified when Elon Musk directly voted against humanitarian aid of sea rescue. With the Hamas attack on Israel, so much fake potential was displayed that even the EU felt compelled to write a letter to X here urging redress (Here is the original post on X).

The result was that major clients and authorities are now withdrawing from X (aka Twitter) and leaving the field to the mainstream on Twitter.

But where to find alternatives? Besides Mastodon (which somehow doesn’t get off the ground), Bluesky scored particularly well here. One reason is that it feels like Twitter 10 years ago. Due to the (still prevailing) invite policy. The range of functions is still limited (no DM, no animated GIF, no videos), but it is easy to use. Above all: it’s a constructive exchange, just like you remember Twitter.

I (so that’s a purely subjective assessment) feel comfortable on Bluesky and there are many accounts I’m familiar with that you can exchange ideas with. Currently it’s more “left-wing”, hardly any conservative accounts, to the right of Polenz, which I regret very much. But they are coming gradually.

Gunnar Sohn sees it a little differently.

This article in german.

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