The challenge of the Borads to stand up against Trump

The CEO’s and Board members of the leading companies of the US and the world do have a new challenge: how to deal with Trump who may be destroying your long-term company future. Going for the short-term win and submissively obey the presidents will? Or going for the long-term win and offer resistance?

In an interview with Harvard Business Review, former U.S. treasury secretary Larry Summers said: “If CEOs who employ hundreds of thousands of people are not in a position to speak truth to power, who is going to be in a position to speak truth to power?”

Harvard Professor Bill George recommends a strategy:

  1. Prepare for the jobs of the future.
  2. Stay focused on realizing your mission despite the uncertainty.
  3. Build on your strengths.
  4. Adapt your tactics, not your strategy.
  5. Don’t abandon globalization

For more details and to read his valuable guideline have a look at his LinkedIn post.

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